amelia-lutkus-custom-wand-and-standWhen I first started writing, I would have never believed the amount of work that goes into publishing a book. It’s not just writing a book – it’s so much more.

Unless you’re a writer and been through the process yourself, you have no idea how much work goes into writing a book. And if you’re not a writer, you may not even care that someone you know wrote a book unless they became the next Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, etc.

Writing is not just about publishing a book. It’s about getting that book finished, figuring out if you’re going to attempt to go with a traditional publisher, or self-publish. It’s about interviews, paying for your cover, paying for your editing, paying for your marketing, promoting yourself while promoting your book, promoting others, sharing reviews, talking about your book/writing via social media, talking about your life, doing book signings, etc.

You are your brand. Your readers want to know more than just your book. They want to know you! Feel free to ask me questions about my books, writing, etc.

I will be using this blog mostly to promote myself as well as others as I firmly believe in paying-it-forward.