Author Interview: Tom Tinney #Tuesdaybookblog

Today I’m fortunate to present Tom Tinney, author of “Blood of Invidia” and numerous other works.

Hi Tom, thanks for agreeing to this interview!

Question 1) What part of the world do you come from?

61dk10LR0gL._UX250_USA. Originally lived in Arizona, but currently, reside in Wisconsin. Travelled the world when I served in the USAF.

Question 2) What do you think makes a good story?

An unforced story. No matter the genre, if it feels like the author is “Checking the PC/genre boxes”, it’s boring and contrived. I also love to become immersed. The author needs to help me suspend reality (especially in my favorite genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy).

Question 3) What inspired you to write your first book?

I used to edit and write for a Biker magazine (V-twin, not peddle-type). People kept saying I should write a book. So, I did. Just not the book they thought. Instead of spooling out the next “Sons of Anarchy” with “Bikers, brawls, and broads”, I wrote the epic Sci-Fi Space Opera Thriller “Threads”. It’s why I’m the Biker-Nerd.

Question 4) What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

I start each session with a little clean up from the last sit down, then plow ahead. I have a spreadsheet system (and giant whiteboard) for capturing and refining my ideas. I use those to keep from straying too far off the planned story. Sometimes a writer comes up with a jewel, or two, worth pursuing and characters take on a life of their own. You should explore those, but they can’t overwhelm or distract from the story.

Question 5) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I can write anywhere. Noisy, quiet, busy, alone. Just write. I’m not one of those “Gotta have my music on” or “I need total silence” people. As a matter of fact, I’m REALLY bored with those sorts of questions in writing groups. “What music do you write with?” and “1st, 3rd or blah blah blah person point of view, which is best?” None. All. Who cares…just write the story that comes and be true to it.

Question 6) Give us the title and genre of your latest book.

51FiQ8BzT2L._SY346_“Blood of Invidia: Book One of the Maestru series”, Sci-Fi/Galactic Empire/Paranormal. We blend old classics (Vampires/shape shifters) with SciFi (Gray Aliens, Hi-tech Yakuza ninjas). By “We” I mean myself and my son, Morgen Batten, who co-wrote it with me in the cloud. He lives in Australia and we have never met in person.

Question 7) What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book?

I could separate the “Dad-mode” from the writing effort. When we collaborated, we were both thinking about the story. We resolved differing views and nuances during great discussions (Usually via Skype) and by shooting each other examples via messenger.

Question 8) Do you have an excerpt from your current work you’d like to share?

Malikae focused on his prey’s back. He pressed his hands deeper into his coat. They rested not in pockets, but through holes that allowed him to grab and manipulate the weapons held up by their hidden nylon support straps. He wore a service jacket he’d purchased at an army surplus store. The weapons had been stolen from a nearby military facility. He kept pace with his prey.


A minute, but very distinct sound. The sound of a mechanical lever being thrown and engaged. Simultaneous metallic clicks originating from both of the oversized front pockets of his jacket.

He wondered for a microsecond about the safety of the other beings between him and around his target, but the thought turned to grey mist and he became unconcerned that he was on a crowded street.

He was compelled to act. Something inside him screamed for him to turn away, to return to his companions. To take his new family and run back to— who? To her. But that screaming voice died in the fogginess of his mind, as well. He wasn’t sure if it was wrong or right, but it was necessary. He knew it.

He pushed the machine-pistols forward and up, so they brushed his coat out of the way, the trapezoidal metallic protrusions on the back of his hands catching slightly on the coat.

He raised the weapons quickly and took a bead on his intended target. He drew a deep breath and released it. Some of the more observant people in the crowd noticed the black metal shapes and looks of recognition began to appear. They wouldn’t recognize the metallic pieces embedded in his hands or the set that were attached on either side of his neck beneath his long black hair.

 The more observant people started to flex away from the obvious danger, or avert their course out of the path of the barrel tips pointed through them at the target. Malikae released the breath, and at the end of his expulsion of air, the point at which the hand is steadiest, he pulled the triggers of both weapons.

Although his mission briefing stressed that his quarry was dangerous, it was only at that moment that the truth of that statement became apparent. The pistols bucked in his hand once, twice, three times in succession and his intended victim seemed to blur and then simply was no longer in his line of fire.

He watched through the grey haze of expended gasses and burning gunpowder as his bullets passed through the empty space where his target had been walking. The projectiles from his weapons tore the line of pedestrians beyond to shreds. The air, moments before the domain of generic city sounds, now filled with the screams of the wounded, dying and those terrified that they’d be next.

And still, the guns fired, the barrels searching for a target that was no longer there. They swept right and left, wherever Malikae looked, the barrels followed and the people died.

Failure. His hands shook and his legs tensed. He screamed, but it came out as a howl. He saw red, knowing the element of surprise had been lost. The weapons in his hands were now useless. Anger and frustration took the place of calculation and cunning. The emotional shift set off a rush of endorphins and adrenalin. The magazines ran empty. He wouldn’t be able to finish this with machine pistols, so he let them go and pinched the strap release buckles, dropping them, and their harness, to the ground. He’d trained with these primitive weapons in order to blend in and they’d proven ineffective.

Question 9) What can we expect from you in the future?  

Lots. Currently working on “ManaTech: Mages” a new FantaSci/Alternate History series that is part of a book deal. Also have to do two more books in the “Fabric of the Universe” series associated with my first novel “Threads”, as well as three more books that will complete the “Maestru Series” that “Blood of Invidia” started. I also write a WEBisode series on my website called “PULPED!” which is near future detective noir set on Mars.

 Question 10) What was the best money you ever spent as a writer? 

It’s a tie. Professional cover and professional editing. Elevated my novels.

Question 11) How can we contact you or find out more about your books?

Everything can be found on my website Https:// (If fans sign-up for my newsletter, they get a free copy of “Threads” to read.

Or on my Amazon Author page: