Preparing For Summer


Summertime is my most favorite season of the year. To me, it means travel season – warm weather, craft shows, sunscreen, time in the pool, multiple book signing appearances, vacations, etc.

Normally I blog on a regular basis, however, because I have neglected this blog the last couple of months due to multiple writing projects, I wanted to do something different and briefly talk about what I’ve been up to, reading, writing about, listening to and anticipating. Then, visit the #Gr8Blogs at the end of this post for even more inspiration and smiles.

What I’ve Been Up To:

Lots of exciting things have been going on lately. First, I officially handed in my manuscript to my publisher for the next book in The Rite of Wands series. It is titled The Rite of Abnegation. Though there is no official release date yet, I predict it will be released towards Fall of 2020.

And second, earlier this year, I also joined a podcast called The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS Radio Show. Check out & SUBSCRIBE to the newest and the best Doctor WHO radio show. A new episode every Saturday on Krypton Radio and you can listen and download the episodes at:






Currently Reading:

I had always been under the impression the Star Trek novels were just novelized versions of each of the episodes of the show. Instead, I most recently discovered that while some may, most contain stories that were never seen on television. Seriously, where have I been?

Currently I’m reading The Murdered Sun by Christie Golden as part of the Star Trek Voyager novelizations:

When sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby, Captain Janeway is eager to investigate, hoping to find a shortcut back to Federation space. Instead, she discovers a star system being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians. Janeway has no desire to get caught up in someone else’s war, but in order to the check on the possibilities offered by the wormhole — and to save the innocent people of Veruna Four — VoyagerTM has no choice but to challenge the Akerians.

Currently Writing:

With the 25th anniversary of Star Trek Voyager coming up next year, I’m currently working on a science fiction short story collection, containing stories all written by me, that will be similar to a mesh of Star Trek Voyager and Doctor Who. One of the featured stories, I’m also planning on submitting for possible inclusion in a science fiction/fantasy anthology, that, if accepted, will be released in September 2019.

Currently Listening To:

I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this audiobook, The Lives of Captain Jack: Volume 2, from Big Finish Productions ever since it was first announced. I absolutely HAD to know how our favorite Captain Jack Harkness would end up in the 6th Doctor’s clothing and would become the Doctor in Piece of Mind written by James Goss.

It is a brilliant, clever story, though not 100% without flaws. I’ll discuss more about this in an upcoming podcast episode of The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS Radio Show.

What I’m Thinking About:

This past weekend, I did a book signing at the largest Doctor Who store and museum in the United States called Who North America. It’s located in Camby, Indiana, just south west of Indianapolis.

I had the pleasure of sitting in the designated area for official Doctor Who writers. There, I got to be part of both worlds – getting to meet new readers of The Rite of Wands and talking exclusively about Doctor Who!

The last week of October, they will be having another wonderful Doctor Who event called Doctoberfest! They will have a costume contest, Doctor Who exclusive vendors, pumpkin carving, and much much more!

You name it, this store/museum has it, including an original designed Cyberman! If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you live in the US, and have never been there before, you have GOT to check it out.

Seeing In My Camera Lens:

If you may love dragons as much as I do, you may be able to see the dragon that I swear formed in this set of clouds when I captured this photograph.

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11 thoughts on “Preparing For Summer

  1. I am a life-long Star Trek fan and will be looking forward to your coming short story collection! I love dragons, too, but none have appeared in our backwoods yet. Still looking. Wishing all the best success with your coming projects!

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  2. Hi Mackenzie, glad to have you on board with us.
    I heard all about your grand event through Cat Michaels. Congratulations on your big award.
    Your book signing at the Doctor Who store and museum looked like it was a lot of fun.
    I’m looking forward to hearing more about your books and writing adventures.
    Have a wonderful summer,


  3. You’ve been busy so understandable that you have not been able to blog as much as you normally like to. Thanks for the update, Doctober sounds super fun, looking forward to photos. Also, congrats on the next book!


  4. No wonder I like you so well…. I’ve been a Trekkie and Whovian fo-evuh! Always wanted to visit Cardiff to bump into Capt. Jack (wink) and see where Dr. Who is sometimes filmed.

    Congrats on your podcasts and booksiging at the big Doctor Store. And another book in the works! Woot-woot! Hope you find time to enjoy your summer -:D!


  5. Is the dragon upside down or am I just missing the whole thing? Lol. Loved hearing about all your successes. Have a great summer!

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    1. LOL! Honestly, it doesn’t really look as good as it did when I saw it initially. This photograph doesn’t at all do it justice, so I don’t think you are missing anything. Have a great summer as well!


  6. So lovely to meet you. Another Whovian here, love the idea of Doctober! Sadly I am not in the States so I will be dreaming from afar and wishing I could jump in my tardis to join you. Best of luck with your new book, it sounds awesome!


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