Author Interviews

This is where I will be posting my interviews with various authors, publishers, editors, designers, etc. If you would like to be featured on my blog, please send an email to with the subject – “Author Blog Interview”.

2017-992 AE Lowan, B01 – A.E. Lowan

assaphAssaph Mehr

charles_bhc  – Charles Wellington II

71kjoj1lnul-_ux250_Erin Cruey

10494808_740322896032829_5112097613903221088_n – Erin Eveland

GeneseDavisHeadshot – Genese Davis

61n8i3d8uML._UX250_ – Ginny Clyde

41giRu6jXeL._SX80_ – Holly Hook

14581297_600097480177569_8825494051156959390_n – J New

JM Sullivan - small – J.M. Sullivan

5a187b47f213301a233a86fe3589e647 – Jessica Collins

picture1 – Julian Green

authorphoto – Mackenzie Flohr

Picture2 – Pete Adams

B1uXJ7qnXrS._UX250_ – R.A. Andrade

41ScoWv1OFL._UX250_ – R. Castro

61GRPiWN1bL._UX250_ – Sojourner McConnell

iamgeTJ Green

61dk10LR0gL._UX250_ – Tom Tinney




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