Reality Bites Magazine Book Awards

Nominations were announced this week for the Reality Bites Magazine 2017 Book Awards, and I have been nominated in 4 different categories. Only the top 50 get through, so please vote for me, Mackenzie Flohr, in the following links: BOOK CATEGORY: Best Fantasy in RBM: BOOK CATEGORY: Best YA Genre: AUTHOR CATEGORY: Fantasy Author: AUTHOR CATEGORY: … Continue reading Reality Bites Magazine Book Awards

Author Interview: Tom Tinney #Tuesdaybookblog

Today I’m fortunate to present Tom Tinney, author of “Blood of Invidia” and numerous other works. Hi Tom, thanks for agreeing to this interview! Question 1) What part of the world do you come from? USA. Originally lived in Arizona, but currently, reside in Wisconsin. Travelled the world when I served in the USAF. Question … Continue reading Author Interview: Tom Tinney #Tuesdaybookblog