The Rite of Abnegation Book Tour & Giveaway

Mackenzie Flohr has partnered with Silver Dagger Book Tours to provide an amazing virtual book tour for her fans this spring. The tour will run from April 16th – May 16th.

The Rite of Abnegation, the second book in Mackenzie’s multiple-award-winning The Rite of Wands series, is one of the most anticipated young adult fantasy books releasing in 2020.

To learn how you can become part of this exciting event, click the link below:

The Rite of Wands Is Nominated In The 2020 Author Academy Awards

Showcase Super Tuesday VOTE DAY!

Thank you for believing in me. Last year with your help I made it to the Top 10 in The Author Academy Awards. Unfortunately, I did not win, but guess what? We have an opportunity for a re-do. I’ve been nominated for the 2020 Author Academy Awards for my book The Rite of Wands. I would love it if you would vote for my book! 

Just click on the link:

You will see a book list.

1. Click on ARROW to “page” 4.
2. My book is listed in the category Fantasy on page 4.
3. Please click on my book The Rite of Wands.
4. Tell your friends and family to vote, too!