Overcoming Quarantine Together #ISC_online

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread fear, panic, and doubt across the globe.

We’re fighting back by spreading love, hope, and belief in its place.


A 7-day FREE online conference with live teaching, strategic training, and practical coaching all within the context of a transformational community.


People who want to grow personally and professionally.


March 25th – March 31st  | Daily: 7:00 AM ET and 9:00 PM ET

All sessions will be recorded and made available to those who register below.

Daily Bonus Sessions will be announced within the Private Coaching Community for those who register below.


REGISTER: https://tinyurl.com/qmmwzy5 (Upgrade to VIP for guaranteed results)

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Fortify your MIND. Strengthen your HEART. Ignite your SOUL.

Although all attendees will benefit from ISC Online, our content is especially designed for people who want clarity around answering these 7 questions:

DAY 1: Who am I?

DAY 2: Why am I here?

DAY 3: Where am I going?

DAY 4: How can I achieve my dream?

DAY 5: How can I share my message?

DAY 6: How can I grow my influence, impact, income?

DAY 7: How can I become a Master Coach?


Reviews, Awards and Anthologies, Oh My!

As summer begins to come to a close, I am surprised by how busy I still am. In fact, I’ll admit I feel a bit overwhelmed.

Now, you may be asking, why? The weather is going to get cooler. You won’t be doing outside events. Why would you feel so overwhelmed?

Well, let’s just summarize the past couple of weeks:

I read and reviewed Rachel Caine’s Sword and Pen, the latest book in her The Great Library young adult series for New York Journal of Books.

The Rite of Wands was a Top 10 Finalist in the Author Academy Awards. You can still vote for my book in the Fantasy category up till October 24th. On October 25th, I will be driving down to Columbus, OH to compete for the win and attend the amazing Igniting Souls Conference.

Today, I learned my short story, which is a mesh of #DoctorWho and #StarTrekVoyager, was accepted into the Unknown Realms anthology from Fiction-Atlas Press, coming out on October 28th.

And I’m also involved in a BIG secret project, which is so big, I am not even allowed to talk about it yet publicly. Phew!

Find out what my GR8Blog author friends have in store for this First Friday.

Sandra Bennett

Julie Gorges

Cat Micheals

James Milson

Rebecca Lyndsey

Julie Schooler